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Pudong Free trade zone: Ultimate Honeypot?

It's a Trap Star Wars meme from knowyourmeme.comThe SCMP broke the news recently that the proposed new Free Trade Zone in Pudong, Shanghai, would feature unfettered access to the internet. The whole FTZ proposal is — on the surface at least — meant to attract more international business, which will help shift the Chinese economy toward a healthier mix industries.

Allow me to be a crushing cynic: An international business zone that is Great Firewall free? Sounds amazing! All those international businesses in one convenient location! Facebook may be available but they’ve also created an epic industrial espionage honeypot.

Shanghai Restaurant: Fortune Cookie

I hit the new Fortune Cookie restaurant last night for a quick dinner with colleagues.

First off, I know it sounds pretty crazy to think that American Chinese food had any place in, y’know, China, but after years of eating through the different regional and local cuisines of China, learning from Fuschia, Fiona and Carolyn, and more than a few Chinese history books, I can totally appreciate American Chinese Food as a cultural concept.  The devil is in the details, of course, and I worried a bit that we’d see Nuclear Orange Panda Express syle Orange chicken in kitschy digs with some puns on the menu.

well there is Orange Chicken, the place is a bit kitschy, and there are some puns / jokes on the menu, but all in all, I think Fortune Cookie is a place to admire.  The place strikes balance between acknowledging every american’s childhood memories of American Chinese restaurants and channeling the actual American Chinese culture and experience, where generations of families developed a new style of Chinese Cuisine that stands on its own and should command its own respect.  We met the co-owners while we were there; we got the impression that this is generally their mission, which is awesome.

The space has some elements of the old Chinese diner chic, but the place looks good.  They have Mai Tais, and the Mai Tai was really good.  We had Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken & Their Ribs.  All of it was really, really good.  Especially those ribs.  I will be back for those.  The Orange chicken was definitely not the Nuclear Orange variety, did not look deadly, and was really good. The orange flavor didn’t quite come through, but hey — it’s their soft opening.

Highly recommended, and someone tell me how the Dragon Bowl cocktail (enough for 5!) goes down.

Barcamp Shanghai 10 – March 3rd!

Barcamp Shanghai is coming again soon, and this is the 10th!  I’ve been honored to help organize 6 of these so far (this will be the 7th).  This bar camp will be at the Haworth Showroom in Jing’an district, March 3rd starting at 10am.  I was recently interviewed by Settling Magazine about unconferencing, take a look at me trying to sound smart.

Barcamp 8
Beginning of Barcamp 8 from Techyizu's flickr account

I am just so thrilled about the group of people that has formed around barcamp — Techyizu was spawned from Barcamp organizers and community members.  XinCheJian’s founders met at a Barcamp, I’ve made hundreds of friends, and we have together built an amazing community of people.  Let’s keep it growing!