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Little Red Bike Cafe: Save the Cutest Thing Ever

Not too many years ago two adorable people decided to open a tiny cafe in North Portland.  I’ve eaten there many times and befriended them at least a little bit–they’re some of the few people who comment on this here blog from time to time–and I was saddened to hear a few weeks ago that their adorable cafe had sprung a leak.  A serious leak.  A “are we really sure we want to do this for a living” leak.
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Stumptown Coffee moves into New York, wide eyed and wearing his letterman’s Jacket from Cleveland.

From Gothamist

Stumptown coffee (or Stumpy’s) has a lot of fans, so a new shop one block from the Brooklyn waterfront might end up creating a sea change for New York coffee. Time will tell.

I have never heard anyone call it Stumpy’s, and I know several people who have worked there for ages.  Come to think of it, I’m rather surprised this isn’t a common term.  Has anyone heard them so referred?