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Barcamp Shanghai 10 – March 3rd!

Barcamp Shanghai is coming again soon, and this is the 10th!  I’ve been honored to help organize 6 of these so far (this will be the 7th).  This bar camp will be at the Haworth Showroom in Jing’an district, March 3rd starting at 10am.  I was recently interviewed by Settling Magazine about unconferencing, take a look at me trying to sound smart.

Barcamp 8
Beginning of Barcamp 8 from Techyizu's flickr account

I am just so thrilled about the group of people that has formed around barcamp — Techyizu was spawned from Barcamp organizers and community members.  XinCheJian’s founders met at a Barcamp, I’ve made hundreds of friends, and we have together built an amazing community of people.  Let’s keep it growing!