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Barcamp post-mortem

I’m actually far too tired to write a proper post-mortem, but Saturday’s Barcamp was a big success. We had a big group — we don’t have firm numbers, so let’s say something like 150 people — at the Weiden and Kennedy shop here in Shanghai. There were some wonderful talks, delicious pizza from NY Style Pizza, and a great afterparty thanks to W+K.

AND we came in underbudget, so we will have enough to make the next techyizu event (which will be some sort of Demo/Pitch conference) better than this one!

I’m still catching up on sleep, but thanks to all the Sponsors, the Techyizu team, all the presenters, attendees, and well-wishers.

I’ll post something in a few days collecting any talks and photos that attendees put up online.

Barcamp Shanghai – rest and recovery

Saturday was the first Barcamp Shanghai of 2010, an event I helped organize.

The event was as a whole very successful, despite our shameful mistake of scheduling it on a Saturday that was magically a workday because of Dragon Boat Festival. I guess the Chinese Government gets uncomfortable with the idea of 3 days of vacation in a row.

interesting things:
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