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WordPress DDOS attack: there’s some funky timing here

WordPress.com, the hosted WordPress service, experienced 2 DDOS attacks over the weekend.

This coincided with reports across twitter, weibo and Shanghaiist that WordPress.com and Typepad were available to Chinese web-users after a long period of being blocked by the Great Firewall.

Not long after these notes of surprise flooded social media streams, the sites were blocked again.  I can’t resonably determine when this happened, but the window was perhaps a few hours.

WordPress levels blame directly on threats from within China for the DDOS attacks, though they are not releasing specifics of the target website.   Based solely on the SM evidence (twitter and weibo do pretty poorly with timestamps)  and the Automattic graphic above, it appears that the DDOS attack coincided with the temporary availability of wordpress.com in China.

The attack is described as a ‘coordinated and distributed’, and clearly brought one of the largest web-hosts in the world to ground, if only for a short while.  This evidence is thin and merely correlative, but one’s mind can spin.  If all of the coincidences aren’t, it’s easy to imagine a deputized 50cent party, sent after detractors of the party.  Technologically, if the GFW needed drop the cloak entirely to facilitate a DDOS attack, it suggests a lack of sophistication and coordination.  It could also suggest an unreasonable level of gravitas.

So… chew on that for a minute.