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Barcamp post-mortem

I’m actually far too tired to write a proper post-mortem, but Saturday’s Barcamp was a big success. We had a big group — we don’t have firm numbers, so let’s say something like 150 people — at the Weiden and Kennedy shop here in Shanghai. There were some wonderful talks, delicious pizza from NY Style Pizza, and a great afterparty thanks to W+K.

AND we came in underbudget, so we will have enough to make the next techyizu event (which will be some sort of Demo/Pitch conference) better than this one!

I’m still catching up on sleep, but thanks to all the Sponsors, the Techyizu team, all the presenters, attendees, and well-wishers.

I’ll post something in a few days collecting any talks and photos that attendees put up online.

Barcamp Shanghai 2011!

Well gee, we’ve done it again: Barcamp Shanghai 2011 is tomorrow, at Weiden and Kennedy Shanghai. Doors at 9am, planning at 930, talks start at 10. It’s gonna be epic. After party for geeks and geek admirers on the superfly WK Shanghai rooftop, starting at 5.

I’ll probably recover enough to write a post mortem on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks to the techyizu team for helping bring BarcampSH to the next level.

Barcamp 上海于 2011 3月12日, 召集各路技术人才, 创业先锋, 和社交达人参加我们这一届活动,千万别错过咯!

Barcamp是一种富有乐趣的”非-会议”, 由参会者自己主导活动流程。Barcamp的模式起源于硅谷, 与传统枯燥的技术会议不同,Barcamp集合了所有参会者的兴趣议题,形式开放,交流渠道通畅。至今已经在全球350多个城市成功举办. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp 今年第一期上海Barcamp将在3月12日举行, 在此注册: http://techyizu.org

每一期Barcamp都会有活动传统的”5分钟演讲”, 在这些富有激情的5分钟里参会者与我们分享过: “中国网民之声” http://www.bloggerinsight.com/blog/barcamp-shanghai-chinese-netizen-speak “HTML5创想标签” http://www.reigndesign.com/blog/html5s-missing-tag-sarcasm/ 和创意学习汉语最佳策略. 在每次活动签到处,所有会员 (所有人!) 都能注册来分享他的5分钟, 每个演讲过后都会安排更深入的讨论, 我们的最终目标是让所有参加Barcamp的人都真正的参与进来!

今年Barcamp上海是由科技蚁族, 一个新启的非营利组织,立志创建上海极客社区,。如想赞助我们的活动,或者成为我们志愿者的一员,请在我们的官网和我们交流: http://techyizu.org


BarCamp Shanghai: Attention Techies, Entrepreneurs, and Social Innovators, Don't Miss This Event!

BarCamp is a fun, user-generated "un-conference." The BarCamp model started in the Silicon Valley as a response to formal, exclusive, and boring tech conferences and has since spread to 350+ cities worldwide. It's a can't miss event for techies, entrepreneurs, and social innovators.

The Shanghai event is set for Saturday, March 12, 2011 at the Wieden + Kennedy Offices. Sign up on the TechYizu site by creating an account.

BarCamp consists of passionate 5-minute presentations on an impromptu topic. At past BarCamps, participants have presented on Chinese Netizen Speak, HTML5s missing tag: sarcasm, Hot Social Games in China, and the best strategies for retaining Chinese vocabulary. Upon arrival, anyone (yes, anyone!) can sign up to present on anything, just let your own energy and nerdiness shine through. All presentations are followed by time for discussion–the objective is to get everybody involved!

This year Shanghai BarCamp is being led by Tech Yizu (Chinese for "Tech Ants"), a new organization that aims to organize Shanghai's lively startup and tech community.

We need Volunteers and Projectors! email barcamp@techyizu.org if you can help!

Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor

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