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Watch: mini-docs about the aging weapons inside “the Boneyard”

“The Boneyard” is a US Air Force facility that is the final resting place for thousands of US military aircraft. It hangs off the side of Davis Monthan Air force base in Tucson, just down the street from my elementary school.

The coolest thing to ever happen with The Boneyard was I’m really fond of

Boneyard from Andrew Arthur Breese on Vimeo.

I know it’s military propaganda / advertising, but there’s a lot of human history in those planes, and I think this captures it well.

But let’s offset the MURICA! of the above with an amazing art project, which I spotted a few years ago and promptly forgot about.


Any surface can be art and any moment can be artful. There are tons more videos, photos and words from this series at The Boneyard Projects website,.

found via Flightclub and makeblog

On Sweating

The official temperature in Shanghai has been hovering around 39C for a few weeks now, but only because city employees get to go home if the official thermometer crosses the big four O. Unofficial thermometers have been well above 40C when the sun is out. Recently Shanghai has also had the pleasure of Beijing quality smog, making visibility low and causing general malaise. We are all suffering through it; the white shirts that go translucent just by riding the metro, the sticky skin and that general desire to just get back in the shower every minute of the day.

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