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Belated independence day huzzah

I had a pretty good independence day, including leading a bike tour for some PDX noobs, giving directions to I5 to a folksy father and son team from small town Oklahoma, and preceded by a great friendly match between the Timbers and a Monarcas De Morelia, a vastly superior team. Friendlies are great because they bring out fans that haven’t been to Timbers games, and some of them come back and join the TA or become regular fans.

So, belatedly, and keeping with the two non-food themes of this website, here are two renditions of our whacky national anthem:

one by the only person who could possibly pull an early 80s funk version (Mr. Marvin Gaye)

And, well, me and about 2000 other people.

Timbers Army Sings National Anthem — 5/24/08 from Shawn Levy on Vimeo

the mic cut out for the group of wee children who were supposed to sing the anthem, so the Army stepped in and belted it out.