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Tiip Jar: startup Ad network concept aimed at Creators

Found this on Reddit, the Tiip Jar.

Tiip Jar in action

Content Creators have always struggled to find revenue streams that

1. actually generated reasonable amounts of income,
2. aligned with their own (and their audience’s) tolerance for visible ads onsite, and
3. involved brands and/or ad networks that carried ads of reasonable quality and could deliver ads of interest to the community.

Over the years more than a few startups have tried to provide an alternative to ad-support through various micro-payment / donation schemes.  After all, it’s totally reasonable for Content Creators to ask viewers to chip in a few shekels for content they enjoy, right? They all take a slightly different tactic, but Centup, Dwolla,  Flattr, Google One Pass (RIP), Paypal’s donate button, TipTheWeb,  znak it have tried and struggled to get lots of traction.  Mostly, I venture, because even passionate audiences are more stingy about click-per-post support than expected.
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