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Yeshari Xinjiangese Restaurant

Our neighborhood has a lot of dining options, from alleyway noodle shops to (the only) Applebees.  Beyond a really exceptional  Euro/American breakfast place, we’ve got at least one of everything.  We’re lucky.  Our current favorite spot is Yeshari.  Yeshari’s walls are covered in pictures of, and murals depicting the Northwestern province of Xinjiang.Yeshari lunchWe eat here a lot for a few reasons: the yogurt here is fuckng amazing, and made in house.  The yogurt here is in half a roasted pumpkin.  Hell fucking yes.  That noodle dish in the foreground? Noodles Xingjiang with smoky tomatoes, garlic scapes, beef and what might be just one loooooong noodle.  Around dinner time they’re making the noodles fresh too.  That dish to the upper left?  Oven roasted eggplant in a spicy, oily delicious.  On the right? Uigher Lamb Wontons and Xinjiang beef and potatoes, both so inundated with cumin and coriander they dance as you chew.  Throw in that pot of Milk Tea.  Boy are we happy we learned how to ask for the sweet (tián) kind, not the salty (xián).  Not pictured, my favorite thing about this place, and Xinjiang in general–Sinkiang Black beer, the best beer made in China I’ve had so far.

I’m partial to other dishes there that aren’t in the photo, such as the mutton puffs; girlie loves the lamb kebabs on rods of red willow.  Also awesome: we’ve yet to be punished by the promised belly dancing.  I guess we don’t eat at peak hours.


Yeshari Xinjiang Restaurant
147 Nandan lu (near Xujiahui station)
Xujiahui, Shanghai, PRC.