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Watch: mini-docs about the aging weapons inside “the Boneyard”

“The Boneyard” is a US Air Force facility that is the final resting place for thousands of US military aircraft. It hangs off the side of Davis Monthan Air force base in Tucson, just down the street from my elementary school.

The coolest thing to ever happen with The Boneyard was I’m really fond of

Boneyard from Andrew Arthur Breese on Vimeo.

I know it’s military propaganda / advertising, but there’s a lot of human history in those planes, and I think this captures it well.

But let’s offset the MURICA! of the above with an amazing art project, which I spotted a few years ago and promptly forgot about.


Any surface can be art and any moment can be artful. There are tons more videos, photos and words from this series at The Boneyard Projects website,.

found via Flightclub and makeblog

Some great photos of China by bike

Back in April my friends Tyler, Jeff, Drew & MMC from Factory 5 took internet-famous bike-blogger & photagrapher Prolly is not Probably and the Mission Workshop founders on some long-ass rides around the Yangtze river valley (so… Shanghai and the bits around it).

John’s posted a lot about that trip, but in what I can only imagine was a year-end “inbox zero” push, he just put up some last photos of the journey which I think are great. This one’s my favorite. I call it “Venus de Trash Heap”.

Venus de Trash Heap photo by John Prolly from
Venus de Trash Heap photo by John Prolly from

the sound of getting Old: Bad Religion made a Christmas album

No really, they totally made a christmas album. Never mind the properly ironic scenario of a band called Bad Religion making a Christmas album, watching the elder statesman of west-coast activist punk rock do it hits me right in the sternum as the sound of getting old.

They are donating a portion of the proceeds to SNAP (Survivors Network of Abuse by Priests), and the songs really aren’t half bad. But seriously, Bad Religion making a Christmas album is about as unconscionable to my 15 year old self as me growing up and working in Advertising. Oh wait…

Sigh. The sounds of getting old.