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Little Red Bike Cafe: Save the Cutest Thing Ever

Not too many years ago two adorable people decided to open a tiny cafe in North Portland.  I’ve eaten there many times and befriended them at least a little bit–they’re some of the few people who comment on this here blog from time to time–and I was saddened to hear a few weeks ago that their adorable cafe had sprung a leak.  A serious leak.  A “are we really sure we want to do this for a living” leak.
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Pardon the Dust, or Eat it

Howdy Folks!  Things will be changing a bit around here, because I hightailed it out of PDX for the new challenge that is Shanghai, China.  I’ll be here for a while with girlie, and I’ll be blogging as best I can, you can buhleeee’ dat.

I’ve already seen some amazing feats of architecture, had a cabbie fall asleep at the wheel, eaten my first dumplings and joined up with the Shanghai twitterverse.  We’re in temporary housing and it’s much colder than I anticipated (the housing AND the weather).  Our bastard international movers packed all our guidebooks and phrasebooks when we weren’t looking, so our first weekend has been dedicated to replacing them, which is a bit like trying to cook one-handed (I have some experience with that).

And PDXers, don’t believe for a minute I won’t be watching: I still hope to watch and blog all the Timbers matches via USLLive, and we hope to visit at least once or twice this year.

For a little plumbing, all posts regarding Portland will be added to the Stumptown category, and the new Shanghai category will hold all the new stuff I write about here, until I rename it for a cheeky nickname, as that would be needless but funny.

In closing, Shanghai people, Howdy!  There’s a new gunslinger in town, hat and bolo tie at the ready.  I will eat my way through this city with vigor and aplomb.  I eagerly accept recommendations.  I will root for your football team and learn Mandarin as fast as I can.

To PDX peeps, keep my seat warm, and do your part to drink my share of the beer.  Keep Obama honest and don’t let any of my favorite restaurants close.  I’ll be seeing y’all later, bitches.

Lincoln Restaurant gets lucky

Lincoln Restaurant
3808 N Williams No. 127
Portland Oregon, 97227
Tuesday Saturday, 5:30 – Close




Barney Gumble: 40 dollars!? This better be the best damn beer ever.. [drinks beer] You got lucky. 





I could leave it here, my opinion of Lincoln, a newish restaurant on N Williams.  The food is straight forward–almost to a fault–and excellently prepared from fantastic ingredients.  But damn, that seemed expensive.  

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Green Dragon changing hands

First reported on BrewPublic and currently coursing through the PDX Twitterverse, the Green Dragon, Portland’s new but favorite institution for great beer, is being sold to Rogue Brewery.

Rogue’s lawyer requested a retraction of the initial report at BrewPublic, but the information they refute is in conflict with information I heard directly from two current Green Dragon Employees.  I don’t need the Attorney General of Rogue Nation crawling up my ass about it, but suffice to say that if the Rogue organization is correct in their specific refutations of the initial report, they’re sure as hell not telling the employees what’s going on.

Nothing is completely final, as minority owner Lolo Bruns wasn’t in on the deal with Rogue and may have an opportunity to make a counter-offer.

sad news for all.

New Deal Open House

I’m an idiot.  I apologize.  the Open house is for New Deal distillery.

November 15th, 2008: Distillers’ Row Open House

Join New Deal Distillery and Oregon Bounty to discover the innerworkings of Portland’s first vodka distillery and learn more about craft-distilling in Oregon. We’ll have distillery tours, treats from Meat Cheese Bread and Saint Cupcake, and, of course, spirits sampling.

The Open House is this Saturday from 1 to 5 PM at their distillery. Catering is from their (and my) friend John from Meat Cheese Bread (covered previously here). I’m planning on attending, and will follow up with pictures taken by someone else, as is my way. It should be a good time.

House Spirits
2025 SE 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

It seems that this is the season for distillery open houses — we checked out the Artisan Spirits open house two weekends ago — and I, for one am looking forward to the House Spirits party as well. The House Spirits guys may not have started the boutique distillery movement here in Portland — that honor must belong to Clear Creek Distillery— but they were the first of the new generation of distillers to roll up their sleeves and make some seriously tasty booze that has spread all around the northwest. They make the Medoyeff Vodka, as well as the Krogstad Aquavit. I’m a huge fan of the Aviation Gin especially, they unveiled their new absinthe last weekend, and have whisk(e)y aging.