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5 things I love on the internet, week of june 15th

  1. Volkswagen New Zealand just … well just click. It’s really good.
  2. The ad nerds at D&AD built an ad blocker, but instead of simply blocking the ads, they insert inspirational and excellent ads from their curated list of the ‘best of the best’.
  3. Buzzfeed’s Data team thinks they’ve cracked social sharing analytics. It’s a highly technical, but fascinating read.
  4. Google’s Advanced Tech and Projects team (ATAP) continue to create amazing things: Project Soli is an interaction sensor that could change everything, and Project Jacquard may be the first scalable advance in smart textiles and clothing. Why’d I say scalable? They already have apartnership with Levi’s.
  5. In China, rappers are dropping tracks criticizing authorities for cracking down on uber. It’s a pretty hot track

And now for something completely different – JAZZ HANDS!

I have real, informative, thought provoking posts in the works. I swear it is true. An update to my post about Shanghai Air Quality, some thoughts about Apple in China, and a bit of exegesis about how I manage to know anything at all about China despite only being here a few years.

But they’re not finished yet, and this video is… well this is how you Rick Roll the alumni from a middle school choir:

This delightful pile of eyebleach is courtesy of Patrick Searle.

House Spirits Booze Bazaar

The booze cruise continues around our Distillers Alley in Central South East industrial Portland.  First Artisan Spirits threw a shindig, then New Deal threw a hell of a party, now House Spirits is hosting many local and regional boozeries for the House Spirits Hoiday Booze Bazaar. Details from Portland food and drink:

3rd Annual Holiday Booze Bazaar

Saturday, December 13th, 2008, 1pm-5pm

2025 SE 7th ave. Portland, OR

Free to the public, 21 and over
Hosted by House Spirits Distillery
Makers of Aviation Gin, Medoyeff Vodka & Krogstad Aquavit

2008 Vendors:

Sub Rosa Spirits (makers of the great Tarragon Vodka and Saffron Vodka)

Ransom Spirits (outstandingly crafted local grappas and port)

Absinthe Marteau (locally-made super yummy Green Fairy)

Imbibe Magazine (Portland published go-to for all things drinkable)

Joyas de Panama Cigars (importer of delicious, organic and sustainable Panamanian cigars)

Xocolatl de Davíd (2 words: BACON CARAMELS!)

Fraga Farm Goat Cheese (wonderful artisan cheese from Sweet Home, ORE.)

Oregon Cheese Guild (they’re over a dozen Oregon cheesemakers strong!)

This event marks the long awaited release of the APOTHECARY line, to be sold exclusively in our on-premise store. The APOTHECARY line will consist of small batch, limited quantity liquors and liqueurs that come in handy 375ml bottles. We have a few items to be released, one being OREGON OUZO, that we’ll be tasting at the event. The Booze Bazaar will also herald the opening of the store on Saturdays from 12/13/08 forward, hours TBA.

The address is: 2025 SE 7th ave.
Portland, OR

I’ll be heading over to look for Christmas gifts and a lil somethin’ somethin’ to keep me warm in this frigid weather.  See you there!  If you’re going to be there hit me up on twitter or look for the snappily dressed hipster.  I’ll be standing on the other side of the room from him.